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Qualità Molipack SrlMolipack S.r.l. is aware of the rules of transparency of current regulations. It is for this reason that it offers the possibility to check one of the most important aspects concerning the products: the supply of packaging destined to come into contact with food.

Filling out the request form the following documents will be provided, in original and with personalized header.

  • Declaration of eligibility to come into contact with food;

  • Safety declaration of the finished product;

  • Analysis report (migration test) of authorized laboratory;

  • Indications regarding the suitability for disposal as waste after use;

  • Information concerning the press;

  • Description of product traceability process.

For more informations contact Molipack S.r.l. through the appropriate form.

The constant attention to human resources, to technology, to the needs and requests of customers, are the key to the success of Molipack S.r.l. in the market.

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