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An entirely eco-friendly production line

Green Molipack Srl

Green MolipackMolipack Srl is extremely sensitive to the environmental issue and works so that the present is a sustainable future.

In the long term, that of packaging from sources of biological origin, associated with recyling, will be the main road to travel for the save of the environment.

In this regard, Molipack, in its continuous search for innovative solutions that reduce dependence on fossil resources and at the same time improve CO2 emissions during the entire life cycle of the products, has developed an entirely eco-friendly production line.

The focus of the "Green Molipack" project doesn’t only concern the used raw materials in the production phase but the entire production process designed specifically to reduce the environmental impact without compromising quality. Polylactic acid polymer (PLA), biodegradable masterbatches (Ok Compost certified), bioplastic bags, bio-based stretch film, paper adhesive tape with adhesives of vegetable origin are the DNA of our green productions.

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